North Central High School
The NCHS Alumni Hall of Fame was established in 1991 as a way to recognize graduates for their professional achievements and personal contributions to improving the lives of others and society. Hall of Fame inductees come from all walks of life: armed services, athletics, business, education, fine arts, government, law, literature, media, medicine, performing arts, and/or science.

Nominations for 2024 induction are due by February 1, 2024.

nchs Hall of Fame inductees

James D. Blythe II* ’58

Judith Moneyhun Whyte* ’58

Peter R. Egbert ’59

Timothy D. Steele ’59

Joseph Wood ’59

Michael Z. Lewin ’60

Judith A. Lookabill ’60

Michael S. Maurer ’60

Stephen Tegarden ’60

Nancy Duff Campbell ’61

Pamela Anderson Ferguson* ’61

Jon Krahulik* ’62

Mary Mackey ’62

Gloria J. Gresham ’63

Duncan Campbell ’63

Gail Garinger ’64

Patrick O. Patterson Jr. ’64

Jane A. Ford* ’65

Jean A. Ford* ’65

Jeffrey H. Smulyan ’65

Elliot Engel ’66

Mason R. Goodman ’66

James F. Leland ’66

David A. Martin ’66

Ronald K. Pearson ’66

Cheryl Pedlow Bridges Flanagan Treworgy ‘66

Elaine Bauer ’67

Michael A. Berkowitz ’67

Carles W. Brown ’67

Mitchell E. Daniels Jr. ’67

Kemp R. Harshman* ’67

Larry J. Sablosky ’67

James L. Cunningham* ’68

Robert E. McFarland ’68

David S. Milton ’68

Glenn A. Pritchard Jr. ’68

Jeffrey C. Burris* ’69

Deborah J. Daniels ’69

Marie Collins Johns ’69



Morris L Maurer ’69

Gary J. Becker ’70

Marc Berkowitz “Summers” ’70

A’Lelia Bundles ’70

David A. Highmark ’70

James P. Jontz* ’70

Paula Van Ness ’70

Julie Thompson Steck ’70

William H. Strong ’70

David M. Warren ’70

Gregory J. Belt* ’71

Todd A. Brewster ’71

Jane E. Kirtley ’71

Mark D. Miles ’71

Irving S. Sigal* ’71

Donald Steel ’71

Louis B. Cantor ’72

Ellen M. Einterz ’72

Milt Thompson ’72

Michael Johnston Scanlon ’73

Scott A. Shapiro ’73

Marsha J. Casey ’74

Robert M. Einterz ’74

Paul B. Hopkins ’74

Gary L. Miller ’74

David A. Wolf ’74

David Hamilton ’75

Worthe S. Holt Jr. ’75

John Abrams ’76

Kenneth B. Edmonds ’76

Hilton M. Hudson II ’76

Denise K. LaRue* ’76

Bart Peterson ’76

Gregory S. Boebinger ’77

Edward D. Langford ’77

Edwin M. Horwitz ’77

David S. Vonnegut Gabovitch ’77

Mark R. Weaver ’77

Betsy Borns ’78

Amy R. Gutman ’78

Scott Jones ’78

Sean S. Buck ’79

Emmitt H. Carlton Jr. ’79

Ronald Klain ’79

Jill Harry Rahman ’79

David Edwin Simon ’79

Donald Thompson ’80

Robert J. Laikin ’81

David L. Carter ’82

Steve Parson ’82

Raymond D. Wallace ’82

Louis Profeta ’82

Jennifer Satterfield Siegel ’83

Gary M. Thurman ’83

Todd Schwartz ’84

Keith J. Woodard* ’84

Tina Harris ’85

Kevin Wanzer ’85

Carl J. Brizzi* ’86

Kacy C. Andrews ’87

Maicel Malone ’87

Steven L. Campbell ’88

David A.R. Bowman ’89

Shannon K. Lamb ’91

Jake Query ’91

Katie L. Crawford ’92

Derrick B. Mayes ’92

Lori A. Wilson ’92

Jason M. Baker* ’94

Jenni Kleinman Berbitsky* ’94

Tricia E. Black* ’94

Allison R. Brown ’94

Nicholas J. Ehrmann ’96

Joshua Thompson ’00

George E. Srour ’01

William R. Harvey ’01

Abdul Rahman Peter Kassig* ’06

Barry Wilkins ’09


Nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Graduation date of at least 5 years prior to nomination
  • Special achievements, honors, awards, or other recognition received on a local, regional, national and/or international level in the nominee’s area of specialization
  • Local, regional, national or international community service

Supporting documentation may include evidence of:

  • Meritorious contributions to society in general or to a specific segment of society
  • Washington Township’s adoption of the IB learner profile traits: inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk-takers, balanced and reflective

To nominate an alum for the NCHS Hall of Fame, you must complete the application below. Applications can be submitted by fellow alumni, parents, current North Central students, faculty, staff, school district administrators, and/or Washington Township residents. If a nominee is not chosen in the first year of submission, they will continue to be considered for three years. All nomination forms are kept on file for those three years, so there is no need to resubmit an application.

Please answer all of the following questions and submit a comprehensive application to allow for proper evaluation.