Former MSDWT Teachers Come Out of Retirement to Help with Teacher Shortages

Mrs. Judith Libby is not only a beloved former North Central High School teacher, but she also once served as a board member for the Washington Township Schools Foundation. This year, she was asked by Mr. Brannigan to come out of retirement and cover classes mid-semester for an English teacher who moved. Her help has been instrumental in allowing classes to continue with minimal interruption.

Fun Fact: Mrs. Libby was the first teacher honored as North Central’s Teacher of the Year when the awards started in 1991.

Allisonville Principal, Mary Beth Reffett, with one of her former teachers, Mr. Dick Prichard, who has been helping sub at Nora, Clearwater, and Allisonville this year. Before retiring, Mr. Prichard taught at Allisonville for 20 years, coached NC football, and started the Dad’s Club, as well as Foolish Father’s, which was a district-wide organization that held fun events on Saturdays for dads and their kids.

Fun Fact: Mr. Prichard also taught TAC board president, Liane Hulka, during her time at Allisonville, and then recently subbed for her son who came home gushing that he’s the “best sub he’s ever had.”

The Beatles once said, “We get by with a little help from our friends,” and that sentiment is ringing true in Washington Township this year.

Whether you have school-age children or not, you have most likely heard about the teacher shortages affecting school systems across the country. Many are to the point where they have had to cancel classes simply because they don’t have enough qualified teachers to cover them. And while Washington Township is not immune to this problem, we have been able to stand strong and avoid shutdowns with support from our MSDWT community and a little help from some old friends… past MSDWT staff!

Recently, we have seen a growing number of MSDWT teaching legends join the ranks once again as substitute teachers to help fill in the gaps during this challenging time. Their longtime commitment to the Washington Township community has allowed our schools to continue to provide students with a stable, quality learning environment throughout the school year, helping to ensure another generation of kids will grow up #WashingtonTownshipStrong.

To help support these selfless educators, and all those who choose to sub in our schools, funds from our generous donors (like many of you!) are providing complimentary lunches to all Kelly Services Substitutes.

Thank you to our amazing community for continuing to step up! We can’t ask for better subs (or donors) and your generosity ensures we can support them as they support our students!

If you would like to help, consider funding a lunch or two. A $25 donation to the annual fund can buy one sub lunch for an entire week!


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