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NCHS Class: 2013

Current Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

NCHS Clubs & Activities: Orchestra, Lacrosse, and Latin Club

Favorite North Central Memory: “My favorite memory was playing in the orchestra. I enjoyed going over to Chipotle after school and then returning to school for rehearsals.”


Brenda began her Washington Township journey in elementary school, attending Nora Elementary School. She then moved on to Northview and finally North Central.

Originally from Mexico, Brenda joined MSDWT knowing only Spanish. She participated in the district’s ENL program, developing a solid grasp of the English language by third grade, and by sixth grade, she was taking honors classes.  

When asked how NCHS prepared her for life after high school she said, “Besides preparing me for the crowded sidewalks of NYC, I feel like NC really helped prepare me with its rigorous coursework and expectations. Because of it, I was able to think more critically, and those skills helped me be more creative in college. Also, a lot of my interests are due to the classes I took and the teachers that taught them. I am still a lover of everything to do with Ancient Roman and Greek history.”

After Brenda graduated in 2013 she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2017 from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. From there she worked on sets for short-form video content like Harper’s Bazaar and Kidz Bop! She also worked as a teaching artist for the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria.

Just before the pandemic, Brenda chose to move home to be closer to family, and we are so glad she did as she is now in her second year serving our school district as the Hispanic Family Liaison, a position that focuses on helping facilitate communication between our Spanish-speaking families and MSDWT schools. When asked why she chose this position, Brenda shared, “I love getting to help families, especially making them feel welcomed and reassuring them of the support our schools give their children!”

During the 2021-2022 school year, Brenda was awarded the district’s Above and Beyond award for proactively building multiple school-family-community partnerships that are making a difference in the lives of MSDWT students and their families. Outside of her role in Washington Township, Brenda volunteers with Girls Scouts and continues to work on film projects. She recently recorded sound for the short film “Hotel Crucible,” featured in Cannes 2021. 

We are so thrilled to have you back home in Washington Township, Brenda. Thank you for supporting our district and our community!

If you would like to learn more about Brenda’s work with MSDWT, you can connect with her at [email protected] 


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