Class of 2006

If you’ve been around the Indianapolis area for a while, you may recognize the name Antonio Maxie, or “Maxie,” as he’s known in the community. Maxie is a musician, entrepreneur, and businessman. He grew up in Indianapolis and is a proud 2006 North Central graduate. 

At North Central, Maxie found his love of visual arts, taking every class offered, from 3D Art to AP art, and participating in the long-standing Artistically talented program. He even credits NC art teacher, Ms. Vicki Ayres, as one of his top influencers. Outside of the arts, Maxie also recalls the pep rallies, socials, homecoming, and basketball games as some of his favorite memories throughout high school, highlighting how special it was to see Eric Gordan play basketball.

When asked how NC shaped his life, Maxie shared, “NC matured me. Lots of my friends didn’t make it [to graduation], but NC prepared us for the world. Mr. Branigan and Ms. McQuistion gave me a chance. I worked really hard during my senior year to graduate. I had a job and worked a lot, but kept my grades up and was on the honor roll. NC is like a family. I have three employees that are NC grads, we are still tight.”

After Graduation

After finishing high school, Maxie worked on his career as a musician, and as an extension of that, started his clothing line Nap or Nothing, with items available for the whole family and in all shapes and sizes. He originally opened Nap or Nothing inside Lafayette Square Mall, but with redevelopment, he found a new home for his shop at 525 Massachusetts Ave. And now, as Maxie continues to grow his brand, he hopes to add shoes to his already popular homegrown product selection. 

Today, Maxie lives in Brownsburg with his wife and two children. He is grateful for his experience in Washington Township Schools and loves the tight-knit family of North Central graduates. As he reflects on his journey, he is most proud of his family, his community-orientated business, and his growth as an individual. 

To learn more about Maxie and Nap or Nothing, stop by his shop or check out his website.


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