Class of 2000

If you walked the halls of North Central anytime in the last 25 years, you’ve likely felt the impact of Sherman “Big Sherm” Flucas. He is a proud NCHS Class of 2000 graduate who returned to Washington Township in 2021 to serve as a Student Support Specialist at NCHS where he educates and supports students on everything from academics to managing life in general. 

As a student at NC, Sherman was active on the Football and Basketball team. One of his favorite memories includes leading the pep rally with a few friends during senior year. He said, “We had the crowd rocking and rolling!”

Looking back, Sherman feels like NC prepared him for life and for the opportunities he would experience in the future. “One of the biggest gifts I received was an education on how to communicate across multiple cultures, color lines, and ethnicities. I grew up in the inner city of Indianapolis, where there wasn’t a vast culture, but when I came to Washington Township, I learned quickly that certain people associate with certain people, and that’s not how my parents raised me. I was taught to love all humans and that if you speak with respect, hopefully, respect will be reciprocated.”

After Graduation

Seeing the value in giving back, Sherman returned to NCHS to help support his community. In addition to serving as a Student Support Specialist, Sherman is the head freshman football coach at NCHS and leads the NC Football Middle School Clinics with First Baptist Athletics. In talking about why he chose these roles, Sherman said, “After I returned from active duty, I came back to the city and wanted to get involved in building communities, serving, and sharing my experiences from collegiate sports. Mentoring throughout my career led me back to my roots of coaching little league. Eventually, I was given the privilege to join the varsity staff at NCHS, and it has been a great journey ever since. We are building a state championship organization, but it takes a champion’s mindset to instill values, work ethic, and practical examples. We have the right people in a position to really maximize opportunity, now it’s up to us to drill these principles into the student-athletes, as well as the community. I enjoy being a part of this build to create a legacy in football that has never been done, and that legacy is winning a state championship.”

Additionally, he shared, “Between 2013 and 2019 I lost both my grandmothers, my mother, and my Father. They were all huge NC supporters in my student-athlete tenure here, so to me, what I’m doing now is paying homage to them as well as my entire Washington Township family who, in tough times, stepped up and showed us love, and appreciation. I feel that it’s only appropriate to pay it forward to the next generation of leaders and provide them with the same seeds of excellence, determination, and pipeline to purpose, so we don’t miss the mark of being the best version of ourselves. That in return creates stronger communities.”

Today, Sherman is most proud of being a husband, a father to four children, a first-generation college student, and a combat veteran serving in the US Army. He has a degree in Business Administration and will finish his Master’s in Sports Psychology in 2024. Sherman lives in Indianapolis with his wife Cortnei, an NCHS Class of 2001 graduate. In addition to his roles with NCHS, Sherman serves as Team Lead in Young Men of Purpose, on the First Baptist Athletics Committee, and is also an author.

To connect with Sherman, check out his Linkedin or visit his website


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