Olivia Watson


Meet Olivia Watson! Olivia currently lives in Indianapolis where she works for Washington Township Schools as a Math teacher and Senior class council sponsor at North Central.


What are you up to now?

Now I’m teaching math in Sally Ernstberger’s old classroom where I took Calculus myself! I’m about to start my 5th year teaching, and my 3rd year as Senior Class Council Advisor. I took over the SCC position right after Leslie Decker left, and she helped me so much in the transition. It’s a cool full-circle experience to see how much work Decker put into our senior experiences, now that I’m on this side of it. I also went on my first trip chaperoning students this summer to Greece, and I’m already looking at where I want to take students next summer! Unrelated to my job, I also just got a Corgi puppy last year. Her name is Cannoli and she’s my bestie.

How did North Central impact and shape who you are today?

I’ve realized how important my relationships from middle school and high school were in opening doors for me to work in the district after college. North Central helped me to see how much I can and should learn from people with different backgrounds than my own, and I still experience that today as a teacher. I also learned how to advocate for myself and connect with other members of the community in a meaningful way that helps me continue to reach new goals.

WHAT IS your favorite memory from North Central?

My favorite memory at NC was organizing events like Senior Bonfire and Blood Drive when I was on Senior Class Council. I loved having an outlet for my creativity in planning these events, and it felt like such a big deal to be part of something that only upperclassmen got to participate in, and in the case of the Blood Drive, impacted a lot of lives!

What is it like to be back on campus at North central?

Some of my favorite teachers are now my coworkers, so that’s cute! Knowing my way around the halls made my first few years of teaching a little less stressful (even though half of the time I was teaching on Zoom). The biggest shock has been that kids don’t say “swag” anymore.


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