Champions 101 helps student-athletes develop the skills needed to build a brighter future

In the fall of 2022, North Central counselor Aaron Shelby applied for and received a grant to license the Champions 101 curriculum for North Central. His vision was to use this curriculum to provide student-athletes with a club where they could get support to become the best version of themselves.

The Champion’s 101 curriculum helps students build skillsets through a combination of personal development, peer leadership, and team collaboration. Club members work through activities built to help them develop their own goals while mentoring younger students to enhance their leadership and communication skills as well as support future generations of Panthers. Students involved in Champions 101 complete lessons designed to highlight eight areas covering mental strengths and potential weaknesses. By completing these lessons and self-assessments, and working with their coaches, teammates, and collaborators, each student gains the skills they need to become the best they can be in their sport and in life. 

While the grant was a great start, Shelby’s vision for the program extended far beyond just a curriculum with hopes of adding more mentorship, career development, and personal growth opportunities for students. Hearing these plans, ten North Central alumni – Tag Birge (’89), Andrew Held (’94), Doug Bowen (’89), John Ackerman (’76), Erik Barrett (’91), Mickey Maurer (’60), Jim Birge (’91), Mike Curless (’82), Bob Laikin (’81), and David Barrett (’88) – saw the potential in Shelby’s vision and stepped up to provide extra financial resources. 

Watch the video below to see how this program came together and what the future holds.

Through the support of WTSF grant funding and additional gifts from NCHS Alumni, Champions 101 is on a path to expand its own potential. If you would like to help support this impactful program, consider a designated gift. Just click here to give and select Champions 101.