Jasmine & TJ  McWilliams

NCHS Class of 2020 (Jasmine) & 2023 (TJ)

With academics and athletics as their passions, this dynamic sibling duo is excelling in their college careers. Jasmine and TJ McWilliams are young North Central graduates who are demonstrating the crucial balance of academics and extracurriculars for success. 


What are you up to now?

JASMINE: I am a current senior at Northwestern University. I am a member of the Women’s Basketball team and I am also a captain on the team this year. I am a leader on my campus, I am on the executive boards of two diversity organizations, Engage and Black Student-Athlete Alliance. I am also a member of the Black Pre-law association on campus and a three-time member of the Big-Ten All Academic team.

After completing my summer internship with Deloitte last summer, I was blessed to receive the full-time offer which I have accepted. Upon my graduation, I will be working for Deloitte as a consultant. 

TJ: Currently I attend The University of Minnesota Twin-Cities with a major in business and marketing while playing football for the university. I am focusing on academics and football while still adjusting to the different expectations of being a Power 5 collegiate athlete.


How did North Central impact and shape who you are today?

JASMINE: I transferred to North Central for my junior and senior years of high school. At that time, I had recently left an environment where I did not truly feel like I belonged at the school or on my previous team. Attending North Central was a pivotal change that I needed in my life. I made life-long friends, and I was part of a team that I truly enjoyed being on.

Furthermore, the support from the North Central community gave me the platform to truly realize who I was, which was something I hadn’t had at my last school.

North Central was such a diverse environment. I was able to connect with people from all different backgrounds, enjoy competitive sports, and also take challenging classes that contributed to my high academic achievements at University. This school helped me to realize who I am as a person, from academics to my experiences on the court. I came into myself as a leader, after being chosen as captain of the basketball team my junior and senior year. I made life-long friends that helped me to discover my passions and interests and I received attention and support from staff members that I had never experienced before.

TJ: North Central helped to build and develop my character through happy/joyful times as well as hard times experienced during the Covid-19 epidemic, through continued support from my teacher and peers. Ms. Tracy who worked in the English department during my junior year made a lasting impact on my life through how she carried herself, cared for her students, and how she was able to create a learning environment that truly was designed to help her students succeed.

TJ & Jasmine McWilliams
Jasmine McWilliams
TJ McWilliams
WHAT IS your favorite memory from North Central?

JASMINE: My favorite memory was scoring 1,000 points on my senior night while surrounded by all my friends, teammates, and family. I had no idea how close I was to 1,000 and even though we unfortunately lost, I truly felt so special and loved that day and that’s a memory I will always cherish.

TJ: During my time at NC, there were two games that I will never forget, one women’s basketball and the other varsity football. During my freshman year, I was fortunate enough to be able to watch my sister in her final year of high school basketball, unfortunately that year we did not make the state championship however in their last game against Lawrence North, I was able to comfort my sister when she needed it most after a heartbreaking defeat in a very close game.

On the other hand, being a part of the football brought many positive memories, my favorite of which was when we defeated Carmel High School on their home field. The atmosphere was ecstatic and the fans all had proper attire to help support their team.

To connect with Jasmine McWilliams, check out her LinkedIn, Instagram (@Jazzymcwilliams), and Tiktok (@Jazzymcwilliams) accounts.

To connect with TJ McWilliams, check out his Instagram (_tjmcwilliams) and Twitter/X (tjmcwilliams9) accounts.


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