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Choir Director Joyce Click Retires After 44 Years With MSDWT

On May 12th, Joyce Click will take her last bow as Choir Director for North Central High School, hosting her final concert, which will feature the Kings Court Singers performing side by side with students from Washington Townships elementary and middle schools. This inclusive group performance seems a fitting close to an expansive career that has spanned 44 years, 8 district schools, and thousands of students from grades K-12 and beyond.

To say that Mrs. Click has made an impact on the students, staff, and community of Washington Township is an understatement. She began teaching here in 1977 and has been with the district ever since. Throughout her legendary 44-year career, Mrs. Click has helped thousands of students cultivate a deep love and appreciation of music. The effects of her teaching can be seen around the world and across generations. She has taught world-renowned musicians, had NBA players break rank to hug her on the court, and parents still anxiously wait to see the joy on their kid’s faces after experiencing her class for the first time.

It is clear to see that Mrs. Click’s students mean the world to her, and quite literally, she will cross the world for them. In the summer of 2017, Mrs. Click traveled throughout China as part of the NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellowship, which included a year of intensive professional development aimed at integrating global content into instruction and exemplifying her dedication to providing a diverse and inclusive classroom environment. One of the many reasons she has formed such strong and lasting bonds with her students.

This dedication comes as no surprise to us at The Advancement Center. Over the years, we have known Mrs. Click to be a prolific grant writer, committed to providing her students the tools they need to perform their best and leaving no stone unturned in looking to maximize resources. We have had the honor of supporting Mrs. Click with over $47,000 in funding to fulfill 37 traditional grants and almost $15,000 in matching funds for 40+ Donors Choose Projects. These grants have helped support vocal workshops, costume updates, collaboration and global development opportunities, professionals in residence, and more.

And while Mrs. Click may be moving on, her legacy and commitment to music education and the students of Washington Township will go on through the Joyce Click Vocal Instruction Endowment Fund. This endowment is being established to provide annual support for traditionally underserved student populations in all ten North Central Choirs by funding:

  • Scholarships for individual and small group vocal coaching, clinics, and private instruction.
  • Clinics, critiques, and assessments with vocal professionals for ensemble groups.
  • Workshops and performances by visiting artists.

Please join this effort by donating to the Joyce Click Vocal Instruction Endowment Fund. Your contribution will allow students to benefit from Mrs. Click’s dedication to music education for years to come.

Joyce Click was my elementary music teacher at Fox Hill Elementary School from 3rd grade through 5th, starting in the 1991-1992 school year when Fox Hill first opened.  I have incredibly fond memories of music classes and choir rehearsals with Mrs. Click.  The thing that stuck out to me most was how passionate Mrs. Click was.  She had incredibly high expectations of us, and expected us to be as passionate about the music as she was.  I remember thinking as an elementary student, “this lady really cares about us being good singers, and she is working very hard”.  I continued participating in music throughout my time at Northview Middle School and North Central HS where I had many other influential music teachers.  I ended up going to Indiana University Jacobs School of music where I got my Bachelors in Music Education.  I am currently the choir director at Franklin Central HS.  During Mrs. Click’s time as choir director at North Central HS, we actually got to be peers and friends.  It was so enjoyable to move from a student-teacher relationship, to one of mutual respect as fellow choir directors.  I have enjoyed spending weeks in the summer with Joyce at Show Choir Camps of America, and sharing the stage at ISSMA Concert Choir State Finals with our choirs.  It has been amazing to see her career from these very different perspectives.  Joyce isa true example of an outstanding educator.  She always approached her students with compassion and encouraged them to achieve higher than they thought they could.  Joyce also never stopped challenging herself to be a better educator.  I am sure that the career switch from elementary music teacher to HS choir director at a school with an outstanding record for achievement in choral music was intimidating.  Joyce rose to the occasion and elevated the choir program at North Central.  She qualified King’s Court for Concert Choir State Finals several times, which I believe had not happened until she was their director.  I hope that Mrs. Click knows that she has inspired a love for music in the many students that came through her classroom, and I feel very fortunate to be one of them.

Bradley Gardner
Former Student and Colleague

Mrs. Click is the most suited for her job of any person I know. She embodies patience, understanding, and kindness. In addition to her approachable character, Mrs. Click is a stellar musician and educator. She never once slowed down with her teaching, even when COVID-19 presented obstacles to her classroom. Studying under Mrs. Click has been the single most rewarding part of high school. As a choir student and accompanist, I have spent many hours with her, listening to her advice so that I could become the best version of myself possible, both as a person and as a musician. Mrs. Click was my choir director freshman year when I was part of Kings Court. I had not previously attended a Washington Township school, and so I was understandably apprehensive about putting myself out there, especially in the context of a madrigal chorus. Mrs. Click changed that. She helped rid me of any anxiety and encouraged me to be myself, helped me find confidence. Not only did she instill confidence in me, Mrs. Click taught me to love early music performance, which I will pursue in college. From my belief in myself to my future career plans, Mrs. Click has made significant contributions that I will take with me forever. I am forever grateful for her generosity, her encouragement, her passion, and her desire to change lives. Best of luck, Mrs. Click – North Central will miss you.

Christian Barda
Current Student

Having been a part of this Township for the last 35 years as a spouse of an employee, a parent, or co-worker it has always been an honor to watch her work with her students. Being at Hilltop Preschool the last 5 years as the Administrative Assistant and watching her firsthand bring her different choirs over to perform for our 3 – 5-year-old children has been an absolute joy. The look on the children’s faces say it all! Their smiles light up the room and we have enjoyed every performance. The Loggan Family as well as the staff of Hilltop greatly appreciate everything Joyce has done for our school district and wish nothing but happiness in her retirement.

Kathy Loggan
Colleague and MSDWT Parent