Courtney 2

Courtney O’Brien Snow became a Panther her sophomore year after presenting a strong case to her parents to send her to North Central. Coming from a small private school, Courtney had her eyes on North Central for some time and finally convinced her parents to enroll her. Courtney was attracted to the long history of outstanding academics and the diversity North Central offered. While at North Central, Courtney was involved in Latin Club and National Honor Society. She took advantage of the long list of honors and AP classes North Central offered as well.

After graduating in 2004 with an Indiana Academics Honors Diploma, Courtney went on to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources from Indiana Wesleyan University. She graduated with distinction earning a 4.0 with her MBA from Keller Graduate School.

Since graduating from North Central Courtney has held several positions ranging from Human Resources and Talent Development. She currently works at the Cinfed Credit Union in Cincinnati as a financial coach.

Courtney is also a business owner! She owns the Mom Collective in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio as well as one in Louisville, Kentucky. The Mom Collective is a national company and Courtney is the first to own and run three Mom Collectives. The Mom collective is all about providing community and resources for moms.

Courtney shared, “I am grateful for the privilege to attend North Central High School. I had opportunities to explore my passions that including the arts, Latin, and creative writing. I got to learn in a judgment-free environment and got to experience the diversity that represents the real-world experience. When I left North Central, I felt empowered that I could do anything and go into the world to be me.”

Purpose-driven work is what inspires Courtney to continue to make a difference at Cinfed Credit Union and through her in business, the Mom Collective. Courtney lives in Cincinnati with her partner and daughter. They still have family in the Indianapolis area and visit often. In her free time, Courtney enjoys the theatre, museums, parks, and trying new foods.