Virginia 1

Virginia Warner has been keeping busy since graduating from North Central High School in 2012. Her career in television has brought her to Atlanta, Georgia where she is currently producing Court TV’s prime-time show Closing Arguments With Vinnie Politan. The nightly live program covers the country’s biggest criminal trials, true crime stories, and legal news.

After high school, Virginia attended Indiana University in Bloomington where she studied film and television production.  During college, she gained some great experience working for the college television station WTIU and making videos for the Office of Admissions between classes. Virginia had the opportunity to participate in a summer abroad program in Europe focused on French and Czech film. And she spent a summer semester at New York University learning about media production and film. In 2016, Virginia graduated from IU with double majors in Telecommunications and Communications and Culture and a minor in Informatics.

With those degrees under her belt, Virginia moved back to Indianapolis and began an internship at WFYI, and eventually began working for the station freelance. And after a year back home, she moved to New York City and landed a job as a producer at the Law & Crime Network. Eventually, Virginia moved on to WNET – New York Public Media where she produced on-air promotions for the stations in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island. When Virginia heard Court TV was relaunching she submitted my application, got an offer, and made her way to Atlanta!

Virginia felt incredibly prepared for life after North Central. She says, “The classes and programs I participated in at North Central, like theater and speech team, helped me build a foundation for skills I use every day, including writing, communication, and public speaking. Additionally, the time I spent on the Junior and Senior class council has stayed with me. Being part of a leadership group at a school as large as North Central prepared me (in the training-wheel stages) to work on a team, execute big ideas, and the importance of respect and accountability.”

One of the biggest impacts on her were the relationships she formed with her classmates. She shared, “But of all the things I’ve taken from North Central- the most valuable have been my friendships. I have been able to stay close to the friends I made in high school and though we are spread out across the country, we have managed to stay in touch and see each other when we can.”

Outside of work you can find Virginia running, listening to podcasts, trying new recipes, and visiting family back home in Indy every chance she gets the chance. Virginia is a 2012 reunion host and is excited to plan her 10-year reunion!