Class of 2001

Looking back now, Justin Crossley can easily see how North Central helped him discover his passions. As a 2001 graduate, he was a mainstay in the visual arts hallway, participating in the artistically talented program with Vicki Ayres. He said, “Ms. Ayres was encouraging and taught me that I could turn my passion for the arts into a career.” 

The art experiences and opportunities Justin participated in at North Central are a core memory for him. He credits his commercial art class at the JEL with showing him visual art in a new way that he had not seen before and North Central for preparing him for his next step, studying telecommunications at Indiana University. Justin says, “North Central was like a small city that I learned to navigate. North Central gave me a perspective of valuing individuals. We had so much diversity in high school, so when I arrived at Indiana University, all the cultures I saw there were not a shock to me because I had been around so many types of people for years at North Central.”

After Graduation

While attending college at Indiana University and earning his BA in Telecommunications, Justin worked as a Director and Producer at WTIU, the local PBS station, and began producing documentaries and local programming that aired across Indiana. 

Today, Justin owns his own media production company, JCPDesigns, where he designs, produces, and edits films and media for business clients. His work has been featured on PBS and in 2019 the film “Beautiful by Design: The Indiana University Bloomington Campus,” which he co-produced about Indiana University’s 200th anniversary, won an Emmy! 

Recently, Justin and his business finished a production called “The Bright Trail: The Story of Johnny Bright,” which chronicles the life of a trailblazing African American athlete and can be seen nationally on CBS Sports Network and PBS. 

Justin currently lives in Bloomington, Indiana with his wife Jennifer, and three children. And while he may no longer live in Washington Township, Justin comes from a tight-knit family with tons of community ties. His mom and aunt both graduated from North Central, as well as his brother, who now has one child in Eastwood Middle School and one in Clearwater Elementary.   

To learn more about Justin, connect with him on LinkedIn or Facebook


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