NC Class of 1972 Raises $39,000 for True North Academy

North Central Alumni use their 50th reunion to give back

A lot can happen in 50 years. We grow up, start families, get jobs, and even retire from those jobs. With all of that going on, it’s impressive when a group of people come together and take a step back to say I remember what an impact my high school had on me 50 years ago, and I want to help ensure others see that same impact. 

But that’s exactly what the Class of 1972 did. 

In honor of their fifty-year reunion, the Class of 1972 worked together to raise $39,000 in support of True North Academy – a non-traditional education program that helps students earn their North Central High School diploma – and other North Central High School programming. 

When speaking to the significance of True North Academy for the Class of 1972, reunion committee members explained, “North Central High School provided many of us with an exceptional high school experience. We have gone on to do ordinary and extraordinary things because of our diplomas. But what about the classmates not able to walk across the stage with us because of circumstances or barriers?

[With this gift], the Class of 1972’s legacy will be transformative by elevating students’ experiences and reducing the barriers for students attending True North Academy, now and into the future.”

True North Academy was established in 2016 as a way to provide North Central students with an alternate educational path to graduation. In the last five years, True North Academy has changed the lives of 340 Panthers by helping them earn their diploma. An accomplishment that many of these students had found unattainable in the traditional school setting.

Thanks to their generous spirit, the Class of 1972 will impact the success of many future Panthers by supporting the individualized approach to teaching and learning that True North Academy provides, enabling more students to navigate alternate educational paths to a North Central High School Diploma and all of the benefits that distinction holds.

The class of 1972 would like to thank these classmates for their generous support.  
Lead Donors:

R. Kent Baker

Christy Alig Bakker

Kim Baxter

Louis Cantor

Ellen Swisher Crabb

Elaine (Freije) Eckhart

Susan Hapak

Martha Sanders Hoover

Steve Kirsh

Susie (Garrison) Kruse

Mark Lawrance

Brad P. Lennon

Carol Osborne Moore

Don Palmer

Jim Pearce

Thomas Peck

Steve Pratt

Marty H. Redish

Joan SerVaas

Paul St Angelo

Santha S. Stall

Milt Thompson

James R. Tuerk

Bob Whitman

Additional Class Gift Participants:

Carol A. Bachmann

Mary Jo Barrett

Brenda Batten

Juli Baughman

Todd J. Bethel

Linda (Stockholm) Britt

Carol (McQuiston) Brock

Nancy (Pritchard) Cummins

Jim M. Eiche

Kay (Kirkhoff) Fulk

Lynne Glickstein

Richard A. Habegger

Charles F. Hammond

JoAnn Jacobson

Barbara (Lawall) James

Debra J. Jaqua

Connie (Roberts) Kane

Peter Komsiski

Maddie (Berry) Linder

Dorothy (Rybolt) Longworth

David M. Mandelbaum

John E. Mitchell

George E. Neal

David A. Nelson

Kim P. Parks Poppa

Mike Passo

Mark Perlstein

Linda L. Pfeiffer Peragine

Erma Power

William S. Ramey Jr.

John Roudebush

Thomas M. Samms

Keeter (Davidson) Sechrist

David Slosson

Susan (Rudy) Spickelmier

Scott D. Springer

David W. Stiff

Patti S. Stone

Pam (Nelson) Storen

Nora (Justak) Teipen

Patricia Valentine

Mary Ann Wesselman

Kris B. Wingenroth

Joset B. Wright

Karl Zimmer III

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