WTSF Donors
Graduate Level | Over $10,000

Terry and Kris Cudahy
The Brooks and Joan Fortune Family Foundation
The Heritage Group
Morrie ‘69 and Jan ’73 Maurer
Messer Construction Co
Estate of Terry Kahn
Northminster Presbyterian Church
Andy Pike ‘00
The Ed and June Prein Foundation

John and Susie ’73 Ross
Second Presbyterian Church
St Luke’s United Methodist Church
William Strong ‘70
John ’71 and Marcia ‘71 Taylor
Chuck and Pat Wyman
NCHS Class of 1970
NCHS Class of 1971
NCHS Class of 1972

Senior Level | $2,500-$9,999

Kent and Carolyn Agness
Greg ’89 and Sally Akers
Gaurav and Rebecca Arora
R. Kent Baker ‘72
The Benevity Community Impact Foundation
Justin ’02 and Claire ‘02 Bolles
Capital Group Charitable Foundation
Care For Kids Foundation
Dwight ’62 and Ann Chernish
Lagina Dobbs
Joe ’75 and Kathy ’69 Dugdale
Thomas and Katherine ‘71 Eggleston
Eli Lilly and Company Foundation
Charlie and Lori Grandy
Jim and Cynthia Hunter
Jim and Christy Jacobi
Matt and Emily Kaiser
Jim ’66 and Diane Leland

Jim and Sara ‘77 Lootens
Alice Greene McKinney and E. Kirk McKinney Jr Fund
Brooks McKinney ‘70
Mac and Sarah McNaught
Marsha Miller ‘71
John and Patty ’70 Nichols
Jim Pearce ‘72
T. Ray Phillips IV
Bill and Heather Pitcock
Steve ’72 and Jane Pratt
Eddie Prein and Amy Judge-Prein
Elizabeth Rogers
Dick ’65 and Jamie Schulte
Gena Schultz
Oliver Seidler ‘68
Jeff and Cassandra Short
Rick Slocum ‘76
Jerimi and Kristin Ullom
NCHS Class of 1996  

Junior Level | $1,000-$2,499

Anthony Borel and Dawn Batson
Dale Arfman ‘71
Christy Alig Bakker ‘72
Steve Ball ‘71
Kim Baxter ‘72
Bryce ’71 and Donna Bennett
Bezos Family Foundation
Jon and Judy Birge
Lynn Boatman
Dan and Val ’76 Boots
The Brave Heart Foundation
Phil and Susan ’70 Bremen
Bill Broderick
Eric and Jennifer ‘89 Broemel
Gordon Bruder and Celia Surface-Bruder ‘76
Jasmin Burch ‘90
Karole Butz
Charles Brown ’67 and Louise Tetrick ‘78
Louis ’72 and Linda Cantor
Sarah Cantwell ‘70
Church, Church, Hittle & Antrim
Nathan Click
Ken Crook
Tony and Jennifer Dzwonar
Martha Egger
Brent ‘72 and Elaine ‘72 Eckhart
Lisa Enright
Vera Evans
Elizabeth Feldmann ‘71
Jeff ’76 and Edie Fisher
Martin Fogle ‘71
Janice Goodman
Paul Green
John Gremling
Perry and Michelle ‘78 Griffith

Gerald ’69 and Joan ‘70 Grinkmeyer
Bill and Phyllis Groth
Shanna Hampton
Susan Hapak ‘72
Brian ‘90 and Sheila ’90 Henry
David Highmark ‘70
Martha Sanders Hoover ‘72
Michael and Liane ‘97 Hulka
Susan Hutchens ‘76
Linda Kelly
Kenneth Kesler ‘71
Steve and Jenny Kremer
Michael Krueger
Rick ’71 and Susie ‘72 Kruse
Larry and Beth ’77 Lammers
Gerard and Michelle Lanosga
Robert Lauth
Mark ’72 and Jan Lawrance
Louis and Leigh Lazaron
Lilly Endowment
Shannon Loehr
Kris Loomis ‘71
Jeff and Stacy Lozer
Mike ’89 and Sarah Manion
Allison Maples
Linda Marler
Bill and Donna Marsh
John and Christina Martin
Chip and Sonnie McAuley
Michael and Margy McCormick
Maggie McShane
John and Robin Minturn
Mark Moore and Carol ’72 Osborne Moore
Mike ‘86 and Dede Moore
Jim and Susan ’64 Naus
Eric and Keana Parquet
Paul ’87 and Nicole Scherrer

Thomas Peck ‘72
Brooke Phillips
David Porter ‘70
Ralph ‘76 and Hope Power
Derek and Lori Price
Fady Qaddoura
CE Quandt
Lloyd Query ‘61
Lance ’89 and Ellen Rettig
Marty Redish ‘72
Tom and Marsha Reynolds
Scott and Ellen Rogers
Andy and Joanna Russell
Cynthia McDonald Sanchez ‘71
Steve and Jennifer Sanner
Peter and Sarah Schlifke
Jeff and Donna Schmahl
Scott and Stephanie Schultz
Sam Carpenter and Alison Schumacher
Joan SerVaas ‘72
Jim and Judy Singleton
Rebecka Smith
Wendy Sommers ‘78
Gretchen Spaulding ‘59
Paul St. Angelo ‘72
Don and Alison Steel
Bill ’75 and Barb ‘75 Tait
Sean and Megan Taylor
TCU Foundation
Kip ’80 and Robin Tew
Milt Thompson ‘72
James Tuerk ‘72
Guy and Susan Westermeyer
Brian Williams ’85 and Susan Brock-Williams
Nikki Woodson
Ace and Beth Yakey
Lyndsay Younce
David Young
Daryle and Suzanne Zybert

Sophomore Level | $500-$999

Megan Alderman
Ryan and Abby ’97 Auer
Kelli Baumgarn
Tim and Lindsey ’95 Blom
Josh ’05 and Rachel Bolles
Erik and Julie Botts
Gayle Bowman
Bryant and Heather Branigan
Michael and Ann ‘64 Brilley
Matt and Val Campbell
Scott and Jessica Campbell
Dave ’82 and Marta Carter
Melissa Cavaghan
Tony and Lezlie Ceglio
Nancy Chastain
Catherine Clements
Patricia Clifford
Kurt Cohen
Ryan and Kelli Jane Cronk
Clay and Julie Dilts
Rick Doss ’81 and Maureen Marshall-Doss
Mark Fakhoury
Ivy Farber
Gretchen Ferringer
Steve and Kuk Frey
Robert George
Evan and Lynda Goodman
Bill Gulde
Derek and Carey Hamilton

Duke ‘69 and Tammy ‘71 Hardy
Charlie and Cindie Harp
Hayes Family Foundation
Jay ’77 and Lisa ‘77 Hill
Mary Hillman ‘61
Andy and Emily Hodson
Greg Hoffman ‘70
Jay and Kathy Hollander
Charles Hubley
Paul Johnson
David and Mimi Jose
David and Melynne Klaus
Marc ’74 and Pam Klein
Richard and Anne Kohler
Carol Konkle-Sundheimer
Erik and Jill Kropa
Kevin Krulewitch ’79 and Rosanne Ammirati
Scott Larrimer and Erin Day
Greg and Sue Lewis
Jenn Maple
Maurer Family Foundation
Jon and Janna Mayes
Sharon McCarthy
Lora McClellan
Lindsay McGregor
Matt McNew and Christina Bennett-McNew
Nathan Montgomery
Terry ‘67 and Lew Mumford
Northwestern Mutual Foundation

John ’80 and Kathy ’82 Null
Holly Owens
Jon ‘67 and Andrea Pactor
Mark and Sara Perlstein
Tia Phillips
Alan and Jennifer Pyrz
William Ramey Jr. ’72
Doug Rammel
Art and Bonnie Rettig
Mike and Mary Rice
John and Susan Risk
Betty Root
Bruce Schumacher ‘78
Judy and Max Schumacher
LaTanya Smith
Smoot Construction
Chad ‘95 and Libby ’95 Stickle
Jeff and Jennifer Stonebraker
Pam Storen ‘72
Jack and Kimberly Swarbrick
Matt ‘02 and Sara ’01 Tait
Teachers Credit Union
James Tutin
Chris and Traci Vermilion
Becky Boatman Volk ‘83
Terry ‘83 and Pam Weiger
Steve Wintermeyer and Ginat Wintermeyer Mirowski

Freshman Level | $250-$499

Adam Ahlfeld ‘04
Johnny and Peggy Alderman
Randy ’71 and Judy ’71 Aikman
Kirstie Andersen
Tony Armstrong
Mark Bailey
Nathan and Mary Beth Baker
Laura Barber
Jim and Cindy Barkley
Matt and Kellie Barr
Erica Beard
James Bell
James Birr Jr. ‘60
Michael Blickman ‘71
Mary Beth Borkowski
Arian and Kristen ‘98 Bostic
Andy ‘98 and Jennifer Brinkman
Angela Britain-Smith
Mariah Brobbey
David and Susan Brooks
Desiree Brooks ‘94
Kellie Brotherton
Ellen Sikora Brown
A’Lelia Bundles ‘70
Diana Burleson
Ralph ’70 and Susan ‘70 Burns
Cherrylynn Burris ‘96
David ’02 and Ashley ‘02 Butz
Mark and Shelley Clark
Steve and Joyce Click
Jon ’94 and Cara Clippinger
Erika Collins
Steve and Sarah Combs
Eric and Nicole Cooper
Kristie Corn
Wil Cruz and Anne Wilson
Jena Cryder
Steve and Jacquie Darbro
David and Rev Becca Nickel
Jim ’66 Davis and Jody ’70 Vance Davis
Anthony Dean
Ramadhani Ali Dhaudi and Esha Abdalla Suleiman
Robert Dinnsen ‘70
Tom ’65 and Nancy Dinwiddie
Andy Elkins
Mitchell Engel ‘70
Brent England
Bill and Kathy Farrington
Christopher Floyd ‘84
Catherine Foley ‘71

Jennifer Franklin
Benjamin and Hilary Freeman

Glenn and Carin Freeman
Brian and Kenda Friend
Brian Funk
Tom Gayda
Corinne Gilchrist
Andrea Gollnick
Brett Goodwin
Jerry and Sally Gray
Kurt and Taryn Greaser
Larry Greenbaum and Cassia Margolis
Nathan Hack
Valerie Hack
Anne Hair
Seth Hamilton
Monica Hammons
Stacey Harris
Mark Haste
Barry Heller ‘71
Sarah Henhapl ‘97
Maravene Inman
Dwayne and Amy Isaacs
William and Suzanne Jannetta
Pam Jensen
Michael Johnson ‘87
Terone Johnson Jr. ‘10
Kevin and Lanette Jones
Stephane and Tamara Jousset
Sharon Karp
Carolyn Kelly
Charley and Carrie Kirk
Jane Kirtley ‘71
Stacie Kleeman
Michael Kneebone
Kevin and Kendall Kreinhagen
Natalie Lay
Sandy and Kathy Levine
Robert ’71 and Meg ‘72 Luginbill
Tara Lutes
Jacob ’00 and Katy Mann
Angie Mason
Kim Matsuoka
Stacy Maurer ‘76
James and Maureen McHugh
Lori Metzger
Chad Michalek
Andy and Leslie Middleton
Annie Miller
Harold and Ellen Miller
Margaret Miller
Donald Mills ‘71
Barbara Price Monahan ‘71
Brent Mundy

Leigh Anne Naas
Emma Neikirk
Andy ’97 and Jenny ‘97 Noble
North Central High School PTO
Sharon Oldham
Samantha Outcalt ‘97
Ellen Pactor ‘02
Bridget Parker
Steven and Ali Pelych
Michael ’97 and Kristen ‘96 Poindexter
Michele Prifogle
Paula Pritchard ‘71
Bryan Ramirez ‘03
Mike and Cara Raunick
Chris and Mary Beth ‘94 Reffett
Patrick Rhodes and Nadine McSpadden
Phyllis Ritenour
Susan Roseman
Kevin and Carmela Rosner
Sheila Roumpf
Adam and Kelly Rude
Carla Sanford
Aimee Scheuermann
MaryAnn Schlegel Ruegger
Crystal Schmollinger
Lynn Schopp
Sean ’96 and Shawn ‘96 Scott
Rachel Sever
Kendra Shaar
Aaron ’89 and Beth ’95 Shelby
Victoria Smith
Kandy Smitha
Greg Stowers Jr. ‘05
Michelle Talbott
Melisa Thayer
Sredrick Tinker
Angela Tipton
Hwa Tsu
April Tuason
Alicia and Tyson Vaughn
Michelle Washington
John and Charlotte ’70 Watson
Bernette Wheeler
Matt Whitt
Helen Wilson
Ron Woods
David and Linda Wright
Julie Wright
Shawn Wright-Browner
Sara Zeckel ‘71

Friends | Up to $249

Paul and Linda Abbenhaus
Jennifer Abell
Shobha Abraham
Melanie Abrahams
Jamie Abram
Helene Achgill
Erica Adams
Tolulope Akiwowo
Ghirmay Alazar
Ibrahim K. Alghani
Dorothy Alig
Sally Allen
Sally Allen
Stacy Alvarado
Kate S. Alyea
Kate Amos
Jennifer Amstutz
Doug and Michele Anderson
Katelynn Anderson
Kevin and Meridith Anderson
Lynda Anderson
Sandra Anderson
Thomas and Lori Anderson
Loic Andre’
Caroline Archer
Amanda Armstrong
Jeffrey Arnold and Christine Burton Arnold
Benjamin Arthur
Michele Arthur
Steve and Carol Auslander
Vicki Ayres
Abigail Badger
Shaiya Badgley
Sara Baker
Mary Jane (Darmer) Baksa
Matt Ballard
Alex and Allison Bantz
Katie Barbour
William and Kathleen Barbour
Kelly and Adam Barnes
Charles and Sharon Barnett
David Barnhouse
Jim D. Bartlett Jr.
David and Sally Bartrom
Amanda Barwick
Charles Jeffrey Basch
Scott Bauserman
Trisha Beasley
Sarah Beery
Melissa Behny
James and Anne Bell
Suzanne S. S. Bellamy
Kate Bennett
Emily Berger
Terri Best
Dewight Bigbee
Mary Birtwhistle
Blake Busch and Hannah Yaeger-Busch
Ellie Blangiardo
Lisa Blanton
Kelly A. Bobb
Kevin and Dawn Boehlke
Jennifer R. Boehm
Emily Boehning
Bob Boekankamp
Dierdre Bogard
Blake Boger
Migdelia Bolin
Bob and Terri Bolles
Natasha Borel
Alan E. Bower
Heather Bowers
Dale Boyd
Elyse Boyles
Janet Bracher
Nick Brewer
Todd A. Brewster
Leslie Brezette
Bright Funds
Meena Brinegar
Kate Brinkerhoff
Kirk and Rachel Briscoe
Joseph Broecker
Robert Broemel
Jenny Brown
Martin and Kathy Brown
Stephanie E. Brown
Thomas Brown
Katie Brownlee
Christina Brunette
Vicki R. Bruning
Cathy Bryant
Emily Bryant
Erica Buchanan-Rivera
Lorrene Buckley
Jason Bullock
Steve and Debbie Bulloff
Elizabeth A. Burke
Michael Obenchain and Maureen Butz-Obenchain
Anne Cady
Matthew Calderon
Diana Caldwell
Hugh R. Cameron
Valerie (Moore) Cameron
Ali Camp
Howard and Karen Campbell
John Campbell
Nancy (Duff) Campbell
Stephanie Campbell
Nicole Carney
Stacy Cartmel
Susan Cassada and Matt Bassett
LaQuita Cassell
Linda (Howald) Cassity
Brittany Catt
Rosa-Maria Chemor
Ashleih Cheshire
Kelli Cimino
Amy K. Clark
Dick and Brenta Clem
Cliff and Stephannie Bailey
Bethany Clinesmith
Francie Cohen
Laura Coleman
Julissa Collazo
Tiffany Collins Bowens
Graham Collins
Colleen Grady Colvin
Erin Conlu
Robin Conti
Shoneq Cook
Courtney Coppinger
Emily Corey
Jana Cosler
Stephanie Courtney
Kenneth A. Cox
Bob Cramer
Stephanie Crandall
Tiffany Creedon
Carol Culbertson
Laura (Deck) Cunningham
Mary R. Cunningham
Chad Curran
Edward Curtis and Regan Zwald
Katherine Barber Custer
Patricia Custer
Debbie Caruso and David Cutshaw
Marcus Dalton
Danielle and Mark Hassan
Lucia Darling
Bryson Davis-Johnson
Gershom and Deirdre Davis
Robert J. Dean
Joe and Debbie DeGroff
Todd Deley
Carol Dellinger
Laura des Bordes
Kimberly Dickerson
Christel Didat
David Dietz
Emily Dills
Rachel Kristen Dines
Will Dinwiddie
Ashley Dirks
Julia Dobie
Carrie Dodd
Jennifer Dodson
Roland and Patti Dorson
Emily Doss
Reginald Dotson
Roberta Dougherty
Robin Douglass
Willice C. Doyle
Kathleen Dreyer
Joseph Dugdale
Linda Perez Dugger
Chris Duke
Katy Dull
Gary and Lisa Dum
Anne (Dunn) Duncan
Natalie Dycus
Gretchen Eaton
Grace Edison
Rachel (Parks) Edwards
Nicholas J. Ehrmann
Jane Elgin
David Elian
Ashley Emery
Stephanie English
Tyler Ernstberger
Brandon Evans
Everett and McKenzie Paschal
Karen Fanning
Joseph and Shannon Farrell
Brenda Farrow
Laura (Bailey) Feeney
Erik Felts
Emily Ferguson
Kathleen Ferguson
Katja Ferry
Kelsey Fifer
Maribeth and Thomas Fischer
Amy Fisk
Alison Fleischer
Jeniece Fleming
Michelle Fleming
Leah Floyd
Don and Pam Fogle
Norm and Adrienne Fogle
Jean Ford
Rachel Ford
Nigel Foreman
David and Bonnie Foster
Julia D. Frank-Hundman
Anne Frank
RonBarbara Frazee
LaTisha Frazier
Lisa Freeman
Mary Kay (Mace) French
Kristina Frey
Rob Friedman and Mindy Hutchinson
Nan Frient
Kari Fritz
Blake and Chris Froberg
Alison Fugate
Janina Fuller
Ashley Furan
Margaret Furan
Mike Furan
Ralph Furlo
Meghan Gabbei
Ellen Gabovitch and Les Morris
Sabra Gage
Andrea J. Gaither
Troy and Connie Galbraith
John M. Gangstad
Myles LaRon Garrett
Stephen B. Gates
Jim Gawla
Robert W. Geile
Greg and Jane Geller
Thomas Gentry
Susie Getz-Thornburg
Elizabeth Gill
Julie Houck Gilliland
Joseph and Jamie Giordano
Shane and Jolianne Girton
Kelli Glassley
Suzy Goelzer
Terri Golder
Jennifer Goldsmith
Ana Gonzalez
Janice M Good
Nicole Goodman
Jerome Gordon
Beth Goss
Kate and Andrew Goth
Micki and Jeffrey Gowdy
Scott A. Graber
Melissa Grant
Nick Graub
Patrice Greene

Amy Grotland
Steve Guggenheim
Emily Alyse Gurwitz
Katherine (Meyer) Haas
Larry and LeAnn Haggard
Laura Haines
Keri Hale
Christy Halterman
Jason and Stacie Hamilton
Terri Hamilton
Lois (Brummer) Handy
Scott Hannan
Kerista Hansell
Reilly Harmeyer
Thiwasha Harper
Josh Harris
Suzy Harris
Sylvia D. Hart
Maggie Hartnagel
Larry and Louise Haskett
Robin Haskins
Crystal (Haynes) Haslett
Amanda M. Hassen
Brandt Hatcher
Jill Hatcher
Anne Hayes
Debra Hays
Caroline Haywood
Susan Hazer
Jenny (Scherer) Hedge
David D. Heiliger
Jonathan Heller
Jennifer Henderson
Amy Henninger
DeAnn Henry
Molly Henry
Rich Herbert
Melissa Herman
Ashli Hess
Hickey Shaved Ice (Kona-Ice)
Lacy Jane (Miller) Hicks
Anthony and Jennifer Hill
Gary and Stacy Hillock
Shari Lynn Himes
Daniel Hockney
Gabe Hoffman
Kalisha Hoffman
Erica Hoffmeister
Fred and Janet Hohlt
Wallace Holzman
Phil and Ellen Hon
Becky Hoog
Heidi Hoopingarner
Marion Hoopingarner
Jenny and Larry Hoover
Sally (Swinford) Hruban
Cyndi Huckstep
Julie Hughes
Julie Hunt
Neil Willard Hunt
Sarah Hunter
Suzanne Huse
Sheryl Rice & Charles Hutchins
Indiana Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators
Indy Runners, Inc.
Roy M. Irwin
Adrienne Jackson
Amber (Vickery) Jackson
Lisa Jackson and Tom Laird
Roberta Ann Jackson
Adam R. Jacobowitz
Karl and Joan Jacobs
JoAnn Jacobson
Ainsley James
Logan Janney
Holly Jarrett
Laura Jeggle
Tara Jobe-Scott
Sue John
Eric and Bethany Johnson
Margaret (Edwards) Johnson
Rasheeda Johnson
Janie (Moore) Johnston
Candy Jones
Kerri L. Jones
Nechelle Jones
Paige Joseph
JP Morgan Chase Foundation
Daland and Lisa Juberg
Donald E. Judd
Melissa K Jacobs
Molly Kacey
Martin and Janice Kaefer
James Kahn
William Kahn
Nathan Booker Kane
Katherine and David McLiver
Kate Keating
Katherine Keegan
Samantha (Maethner) Kelly
Jamie Kendrick
Melina Kennedy
Brandon Kepley
Tim Kershaw
Laura Eileen Kightlinger
Kasey Kildall
Natalie Killeen
Connie Killigrew
Derek King
Glen and Maggie King
Joan King
Joe D. King
Ellen Kingston
Jon and Brittany Kirschner
Jason Kistler
Jeff and Becky Klee
Susan Klein-Page
Doug and Judy Kniptash
Elisa Knoll
Robert Kobek
Katie Kochounian
Keely Korstanje
Leslie (Weedman) Kotyuk
Shenan Kroupa
Anne (Duffy) Krueger
Carolyn LaFerle Gergely
Mona Laghaie
Cynthia Lambert
Amber Lamkin
Bradford Lancaster
Tom and Nancy Lange
David and Donna LaPlant
Larry and Leslie Willan
Larry and Sarah Peck
Clifford and Davia Laswell
Anne DeVoe Lawler
Margaret Lawrence
Craig Lee and Sara Silver-Lee
Nathaniel J. Lee
Courtnie Leeper
Alison Lefkovitz
Paul & Michele Lefkovitz
Ariana Lehnen
Meredith Levi
Gregory R. Levine
Sarah Lewis
Wendy Libby-Bernstein
Vicki (Tower) Lickliter Mills
Jennifer Lindell
Greg Lineweaver
Ruth (Adams) Linsmith
Jennifer Locke
Kathy Loggan
Michael William Loggan
Peter and Jessica Loomis
Anne Elizabeth Lootens
Guy and Theresa Loudermilk
Andrea R. Lurie
Jennifer Lyons
John and Barbara MacDougall
Teleia Magee
Timothy and Anndi Maguire
Laura Elizabeth Mail
Devin and Jason Mandel
Jill Maniakas
Julius Mansa
Natalie Manthey
Martin and Stacy Kelty
Rhonda Martin
Christa Martini
Jon & Kendall Marty
Madeline Mason
Jessica (Groth) Massie
Lindsey Mastain
Allegra Mather
Reagen Mathew
Betsy Maurer
William and Mary Ann Maxwell
Holly May
Joe May
Paula Mayes
Jessica (Barnes) Mayorga
Henry McCabe
Martin McClellan
Kelly McConahay
Lisa McCord
Andrea McCoy
Yael McCoy
Steve Mccray
Megan McCullough
Layl McDill
Penny and Smoke McDill
Ed McDonald
Julie Eaton McDonald
Elizabeth (McWhirter) McDougall
Nasreen McDowell
Jessica McElvoy Semen
Angela McGaughey
Sadie McGouldrick
Doug and Cindy McKay
Julie McKenna
Carol Brown McKey
Christian D. McNeilly
Richard L McOmber
Jim and Lynda McQuiston
Tom and Betsy McSoley
Amy Mehall
Steve and Nikki Mehringer
Kellee Merritt
Shane McNeil Merriweather
Megan Mertic
Gail (Pashos) Mezynski
Barbara Miedema
Stuart Mill
Bethany Miller-Kershaw
Jacqueline Miller
Laura Miller
Margaret Miller
Baylee Millot
Katherine G. Minarik Esq.
Julie Mintun
Paul Minx
Ntinyari Miriti
Brandon Mitchell
Tara Mitchell
Timothy S. Mitchell
Patricia Mitsos
Rachael Moheban
Dwight L. Monical
Ashley Monroe
Caitlin Montgomery
Tisha Montgomery
Andre and Cheri Moore
Susan J Moore
David G. Morgan
Kim Morrow
Mitchell Mosbey
Jerry and Anne Moss
Marcia (Tewksbury) Moya
Julie Moyers
Elizabeth Murphy
Marjorie Murphy
Matt Zider and Elizabeth Murphy
Patrick and Jessica Murphy
Tracy and Brian Murphy
C. Myers
Peggy (Patterson) Naile
Tim and Meg Nation
Bill and Carrie Neal
Lucy Neal
Ambassador Dr. Angela J. Nealy, B.S. , M.S., Ph.D.
Leon and Ruthann Neddo
Corinne Neff
Amani Nelson
Nick Neureiter
Victor Newsome
Carol (Maxam) Nicewander
Samuel Arthur Nickell
Carolyn Nickols
Morgan E. Nickols
Pam Nixon
Martin and Kitty O’Donnell
Kyle Ochs
Traci Odle

Michael and Casey Oglesby
April (Thruston) Oldham
Ann (Fletcher) Olejko
Ann Olvey
Kelly Ouattara
Tony Overholt
Katey Einterz Owen & James Owen
Kaitlyn Owens
Marla Palacios
Anne Pappas
Lara Pastore
Elliott Patrick
Jason and Tracey Patterson
Elizabeth Paul
Fredrick Pausch
Bonnie (Boeldt) Pautler
Sydney Peacock
Debbie (Gasper) Pehler
Mya Perry
Annalise Helen Petranoff
J. Daniel Philpott
Matt Pieroni
Anat Pinsky
Amanda Pitzele
Mike and Kim Pomerenke
Stacie Porter Bilger
Wesley S. Porter
Elisa Powell
Lora Prange
Jennifer Price
Madeline Price
Kathryn J. Pulley
Joshua Quinn
Marileah Racareanu
David Raes
DeeAnn Ramey
Chantel Rammel
Ginny Rammel
Caroline Ranft
Audra Rasmussen
Raymond James Charitable
Julie Reed
Brittany Reedy
Michelle Reel
Sara Reeves
Jim Reilman
Grant and Lynn Remington
Michael and Tanya Revell
Emily Reynolds
Tenley and Adam Rhoades
Christina Rhodes
Jamie Ratner Rich
Dawn Richardson
Amy Richie-Zehr
Josh Richmond
Jennifer Rider
Michelle (Klinker) Riggers
Elizabeth Riley-Baker
Wayne and Melissa Rinker
Glenda Ritz
Kathleen Robbins
Robert Thompson and Jeffrey Raab
Catherine Roberts
Ebony Roberts
Thomas S. Roberts
Chris J. Robinson
Matt and Marci Robinson
Lisa Rodgers
Ellen Rohlfing
Carrian Rose
Zorba Rose
Karen Rossen
Steven Hardin Roudebush
Tim and Diana Ruschhaupt
Jill Russell
Heidi Rutledge
Jacquelyn Rybak
Evelyn Sacks
Beatrice Sainz
Grete Sampson
Christen Sando
Devin Sangster
Steve Santer
Ashley Sarbinoff
Daniel Sargent
Dianne L. Sawyer
Meredith Schaar
Susan Schaeffer
Kyle Scheid
Barb Schenberg
Michael and Carla Schmid
Paula Schmidt-Hobbs
Chad Schneider
Pam SchoeffGroth
Brian Schuetter
Clair Schurman
Gary A. Schwartz
Erin Scott
Jordan Seabrook
Elliott and Carol Segal
Ella Self
Julianne Shannon
Mike and Julie Shannon
Carolyn Sharp
Bernard and Rosie Shepard
Ann Shirley
Jackson Short
Claire Shroba
Bill and Caty Sickles
Bob and Denise Silbert
Greg and Renny Silver
Anita and Lou Silverman
Kyle Simmerman
Doug Singleton
Andrew Slater
Sarah Slater
Aaron and Maribeth Smith
Alison Smith
Dawn Smith
Dustin Smith
Harold and Mary Smith
Kaelee Smith
LaShonica Smith
Anita Smothermon
Julie Snider
David and Sandy Sommers
Suzi Spahr
Karen Spataro
Dawauna Spates
Jim Spencer
Ronald and Donna Spraggins
Chris and Susie Sprinkle
Dennis E. Sputh
Stacy and Eli Isaacs
Stan and Kay Fulk
Lauren Stanisic
Pat T. Staubach
Fritz and Julie Steck
Brandon and Diane Steffey
Cheri Steketee
Stephen and Stefanie Turchyn
Alice Steppe
Sophia Stevens
Elizabeth Stewart
Susie Stilwell
Julie E. Stogsdill
Samantha Stone
Gregory and Kimberly Stowers
Sarah Strawbridge
Stephen and Clarissa Street
Kathryn Sullivan
Kathryn M. Sullivan
Katie Sundheimer
Joshua Surfus
Hylton Surrett
Judith H. Sutton
Russell and Julie Swisher
Kathryn Szwed
T. Rowe Price Charitable Giving
Marissa Tanner
Bill and Janet Taylor
Clayton Taylor and Julie Koegel
Erin Taylor
Grace Taylor
Peggy Taylor
Michael and Elizabeth Terry
Carol Lynn Terzo
Melinda (Moore) Tesar
Scott and Sharon Thiems
Hannah Marie Thomas
Jennifer (Kemp) Thompson
Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing
R Douglas Thurston
Richard D. Thurston Jr.
Tom and Laura Hakim
Lee Toussant
Tom Trankle
Erin Trisler
Georgia Trisler
Toni Trotter
Bill Turner and Laurie Cowan-Turner
Broad Ripple Haverford Little League Umpires Association
Nathanael Urban
Stephanie Vail
Laura VanderHaeghen
Cristina Vasquez
Steve Versaw and Amy Waechter-Versaw
Paige Vinson
Nonie and David Vonnegut-Gabovitch
Shannon Wagner
Tina Wagner
Neysa (Meyer) Wagoner
Chad Wallace
Justin Wallshield
Erica Walsh
Allison Walters
Jasmine D. Walton
Jill Ware
Dylan Warren
Susan (Schenberg) Washburn
Chris and Stephanie Waugh
Bob and Kelly Weaver
Natalie (Paynter) Webb
Dennis Weber
Sonya Weber
Julie (Tavel) Weiler
Dena Nathalia Weiss
Lewis and Faedra Weiss
Libby Weldon
Beth Wellman
Vicki Wertz
Ashley Weselo
Dorene (Budnick) West
Adra (Heider) Wheeler
Dave Wheeler
Laura Whitcomb & Glenn Robinson
Angie & Jerry White
Kimberly R. White
Savannah Whitson
Alexandria Wible
Dick and Pat Wiehe
Matilda (Tilly) J. Wilhoite
Carol (Crays) Williams
Debra Detmer Williams
Jennifer Williams
Judie Williams
Judy Williams
Pam Williams
Rebecca Willis Goldstein
Krystal Wilson-Vermillion
Erika Wilson
Jim and Leslie Wilson
Kendra Wilson
Melissa Wilson
Karen Wiltrout
Cindy Wingo
Molly (Walker) Winkler
Kristin Winternheimer
David Wintin
Mia Witzenman
Emily Wolfe
Rashieta Woods
William Woodson
Jerry Woodward
Mary Woolling
Jason Wright
Lauren Tyler Wright
Patricia (Dillin) Wright
Mike Xanders
See Xiong
Carletha Yarrell
Rachele Yencer
Roger and Cynthia Yosha-Snyder
Anthony Young
Teri Yount
Jeffrey J. Yu
Debbie Zarobinski
Mark and Lois Zoll