1955 Society
Join a Society of Giving

Join the 1955 Society and help us deliver our mission of enhancing public education in Washington Township. Unrestricted gifts of at least $1,000 per year to the Annual Fund qualify you for membership.

1955 Society membership includes:

  • Invitations to a donor appreciation reception, North Central Hall of Fame Reception, and other special events
  • Website and Annual Report recognition
  • An 8×8 brick in the North Central High School Brick Plaza when you join
  • Gift Certificate to the North Central Spirit Shop
  • 1955 Society Notepad
  • A Washington Township Performing Arts pass

Why 1955? Click here to learn about the origins of the 1955 Society.

Have additional questions? Contact Emily Kaiser, Executive Director of WTSF, for more information.

1955 Society Members

Greg & Sally Akers
Gaurav & Rebecca Arora
Bryce Bennett
John & Judy Birge
Lynn Boatman
Justin & Claire Bolles
Dan & Val Boots
Eric & Jennifer Broemel
Robert & Jasmin Burch
Karole Butz
Charles Brown & Louise Tetrick
Dwight & Ann Chernish
Ken Crook
Terry & Kris Cudahy
Joe & Kathy Dugdale
Tony & Jennifer Dzwonar
Jeff & Edie Fisher
The Brooks & Joan Fortune Family Foundation
Charlie & Lori Grandy
Perry & Michelle Griffith
Bill & Phyllis Groth
Shanna Hampton
Michael & Liane Hulka
Brian & Sheila Henry
Jim & Christy Jacobi

Matt & Emily Kaiser
Jennifer & Steve Kremer
Larry & Beth Lammers
Louis & Leigh Lazaron
Jim & Diane Leland
Shannon Loehr
Jim & Sara Lootens
Jeff & Stacy Lozer
Mike & Sarah Manion
Bill & Donna Marsh
Christina & John Martin
Morrie and Jan Maurer
Michael & Margy McCormick
Sarah & Mac McNaught
John & Robin Minturn
Mike & Dede Moore
Patty & John Nichols
Keana & Eric Parquet
Andy Pike
Bill & Heather Pitcock
Ralph & Hope Power
Steve & Jane Pratt
Eddie Prein & Amy Judge-Prein
June Prein
Derek & Lori Price
Fady Qaddoura

Tom & Marsha Reynolds
Ellen & Scott Rogers
John & Susie Ross
Steve & Jennifer Sanner
Peter & Sarah Schlifke
Jeff & Donna Schmahl
Dick & Jamie Schulte
Stephanie & Scott Schultz
Jeff & Cassandra Short
Jim & Judy Singleton
Becky Smith
Wendy Sommers
Gretchen & Richard Spaulding
Bill & Barb Tait
Sean & Megan Taylor
Kip & Robin Tew
Jerimi & Kristin Ullom
Susan Brock Williams & Brian Williams
Nikki Woodson
Ace and Beth Yakey
Lyndsay Younce
Daryle & Suzanne Zybert

*list is updated quarterly during the fiscal year

About the 1955 Society

In 1955, the Indiana General Assembly passed legislation permitting a township to create a non-partisan system of school government. Because of this legislation, the Metropolitan District of Washington Township came into being on August 1, 1955. This legislative change from a trustee-based system to an elected school board was the first action in a long history of stakeholder-driven support of public education and setting a higher standard for educational excellence in Washington Township.

In the years that have followed, that stakeholder-driven support has come to mean millions of private dollars invested to advance the achievements of world-class public education. It is our primary mission to build on the legacy of those visionaries in 1955 and enrich the lives of our students with the best public education experience in the state. We do that, primarily, through our Annual Fund, which affords us the opportunity to award hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to our teachers, classrooms, and schools. This giving society represents the most dedicated of those Annual Fund supporters.