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We work with our generous donors, sponsors, and volunteers to support the students and staff of Washington Township as well as our Alumni and community at large. 

We support students by facilitating funding for classroom grants, enrichment programs, graduate scholarships, and more which provide opportunities and resources that may otherwise fall outside of classroom budgets, but will have a lasting impact on student success.


Our work doesn’t end at graduation! We support the alumni community of Washington Township by helping our graduates stay connected through a variety of resources and activities including reunion recommendations, alumni updates, homecoming events, and more.


We support the Washington Township community by partnering with individuals and organizations to help support public education through funding for innovative programming that enables a more equitable learning environment for our students while securing a brighter future for us all.

Why Giving Matters
Your giving helps to enrich the classroom experiences for thousands of students, teachers, and staff across Washington Township. Driven by the continual support of our generous donors, we have seen the foundation’s impact increase dramatically over our almost four decades of service.


Below are a few highlights of what we’ve accomplished because of partners like you.
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Your Giving in Action
See how your gifts make an impact in the lives of Washington Township students every day.
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Interrupting Racism For Children

Kyra Patterson is a proud 2020 graduate of North Central High School. Although her graduating class wrapped up their time at North Central during the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Kyra feels lucky she was able to take full advantage of the opportunities available to her and leave knowing she made her mark on the Panther legacy.

Former MSDWT Teachers Come Out of Retirement to Help with Teacher Shortages

Recently, we have seen a growing number of MSDWT teaching legends join the ranks once again as substitute teachers to help fill in the gaps during this challenging time.

Thank You for Gearing Up Last Week @ Westlane

New Gear Means New Opportunities for Westlane Students Last Week @ Westlane (LW@WL) is a student-run video news program that…

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