Maria Valero


We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Maria Valero, a remarkable alumna whose journey embodies resilience, cultural enrichment, and a profound commitment to excellence. As an English as a New Language (ENL) student, Maria embarked on a transformative path that sparked a passion for fostering inclusivity, diversity, and strategic communication.

Maria began her Washington Township journey in eighth grade at Northview Middle School when her parents immigrated from Venezuela to the United States. As an ENL student, she worked hard to learn a new language, culture, and school environment. 

During her time at NC, Maria was actively involved in the Spanish Honor Society, Cross Country, Track and Field, Bridge, and Junior Spec.  She recounts one of her most memorable moments is attending PE in the summer and meeting her best friend, Itzy. 

Maria lists diversity, academics, and extracurricular activities as the highlights of her experience at NC. She felt those opportunities helped her prepare for college by allowing her to get out of her comfort zone to stand out in her academic work.  Teachers like Mr. Robertson helped her with college applications and Mrs. Vermillion made ENL great by encouraging students to get outside of their comfort zone. Maria said, “Mrs. Vermillion told us it was okay to make mistakes while we were learning a new language because we eventually learn from those mistakes.”

Lessons like this supported Maria well in her transition to college. In addition to a heavy academic load, Maria runs cross-country at the collegiate level. Maria is set to graduate with honors from Oakland City University in May 2024 with a degree in communications with a concentration in strategic communications and a minor in business. 

After graduation, Maria plans to look for work in the field of strategic communications, marketing, or public relations. Because of the impact English as a new language has had on Maria in her journey, she plans to give back to the community by serving as a Spanish translator. 

Maria has these words of encouragement to share with our new graduates:

  • Always remember you are the one in charge of your success.
  • Keeping a positive mindset will help you along the way.
  • Never doubt yourself, you’ll be able to discover your true potential if you’re willing to look for it.
  • “La vida no se trata de seguir un camino perfecto, se trata de construir un camino q te haga feliz.”

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